Benthic foraminiferal accumulation rates of the late Pliocene-Pleistocene in the northern Indian Ocean, supplement to: Kawagata, Shungo; Hayward, Bruce W; Gupta, Anil K (2006): Benthic foraminiferal extinctions linked to late Pliocene–Pleistocene deep-sea circulation changes in the northern Indian Ocean (ODP Sites 722 and 758). Marine Micropaleontology, 58(3), 219-242

Shungo Kawagata, Bruce W Hayward & Anil K Gupta
During the late Pliocene–middle Pleistocene, 63 species of elongate, bathyal–upper abyssal benthic foraminifera (Extinction Group = Stilostomellidae, Pleurostomellidae, some Nodosariidae) declined in abundance and finally disappeared in the northern Indian Ocean (ODP Sites 722, 758), as part of the global extinction of at least 88 related species at this time. The detailed record of withdrawal of these species differs by depth and geography in the Indian Ocean. In northwest Indian Ocean Site 722 (2045 m),...
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