Mid-Pliocene deep-sea bottom water temperatures based on ostracode Mg/Ca ratios, supplement to: Cronin, Thomas M; Dowsett, Harry J; Dwyer, Gary S; Baker, Paul A; Chandler, Mark A (2005): Mid-Pliocene deep-sea bottom-water temperatures based on ostracode Mg/Ca ratios. Marine Micropaleontology, 54(3-4), 249-261

Thomas M Cronin, Harry J Dowsett, Gary S Dwyer, Paul A Baker & Mark A Chandler
We studied magnesium:calcium (Mg/Ca) ratios in shells of the deep-sea ostracode genus Krithe from a short interval in the middle Pliocene between 3.29 and 2.97 Ma using deep-sea drilling sites in the North and South Atlantic in order to estimate bottom water temperatures (BWT) during a period of climatic warmth. Results from DSDP and ODP Sites 552A, 610A, 607, 658A, 659A, 661A and 704 for the period Ma reveal both depth and latitudinal gradients of...
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