Upper Triassic nannofossils from Wombat Plateau, Northwest Australia, supplement to: Bralower, Timothy J; Bown, Paul R; Siesser, William G (1991): Significance of Upper Triassic nannofossils from the Southern Hemisphere (ODP Leg 122, Wombat Plateau, N.W. Australia). Marine Micropaleontology, 17(1-2), 119-154

Timothy J Bralower, Paul R Bown & William G Siesser
A taxonomic and biostratigraphic investigation has been carried out on Upper Triassic (Carnian-Rhaetian) nannofossils from Sites 759, 760, 761 and 764 drilled on the Wombat Plateau during ODP Leg 122. The recovery of continuous sequences containing well preserved nannofossils has enabled us to refine the previous taxonomy and biostratigraphy of this interval. Fossil assemblages are of two major types: (1) previously described calcareous taxa were recovered at Sites 761 and 764; and (2) sideritic forms,...
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