Geochemical analysis of surface sediments from the ocean floor and from sea ice in the northern Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, supplement to: Pirrung, Michael; Illner, P; Matthiessen, Jens (2008): Biogenic barium in surface sediments of the European Nordic Seas. Marine Geology, 250(1-2), 89-103

Michael Pirrung
Barium in marine terrigenous surface sediments of the European Nordic Seas is analysed to evaluate its potential as palaeoproductivity proxy. Biogenic Ba is calculated from Ba and Al data using a conventional approach. For the determination of appropriate detrital Ba/Al ratios a compilation of Ba and Al analyses in rocks and soils of the catchments surrounding the Nordic Seas is presented. The resulting average detrital Ba/Al ratio of 0.0070 is similar to global crustal average...
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