Distribution of calcareous nannofossils in the Miocene interval of DSDP Hole 94-608 in the north Atlantic (Fig. 1), supplement to: Gartner, Stefan (1992): Miocene nannofossil chronology in the North Atlantic, DSDP Site 608. Marine Micropaleontology, 18(4), 307-331

Stefan Gartner
DSDP North Atlantic Site 608 yielded an excellent Miocene pelagic section which affords a further opportunity for elucidating the chronology of the calcareous nannofossil succession in the framework of magnetostratigraphic control. Most of the conventional (zonal) markers have been documented for this site and some of the earlier results are confirmed and refined. In addition several unconventional and less known markers have been added. The first two are the highest (last) occurrence of Sphenolithus delphix...
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