Carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of Selinde River, southeastern Siberian platform, supplement to: Kouchinsky, Artem; Bengtson, Stefan; Pavlov, Vladimir; Runnegar, Bruce; Val'kov, Anatolij K; Young, Edward (2005): Pre-Tommotian age of the lower Pestrotsvet Formation in the Selinde section on the Siberian platform: carbon isotopic evidence. Geological Magazine, 142(4), 319-325

Artem Kouchinsky, Stefan Bengtson, Vladimir Pavlov, Bruce Runnegar, Anatolij K Val'kov & Edward Young
Carbon isotopic data from the Selinde section in the southeastern part of the Siberian platform area are correlated with the reference isotopic profile from the Lower Cambrian stratotype sections of the Lena Aldan region, but also show additional d13C excursions unrecognized there. The chemostratigraphic correlation suggests that the geological and fossil record of the lower Pestrotsvet Formation in the Selinde section has a deeper history than the stratotype region. This conclusion is important for both...
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