Stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of Late Miocene and Early Pliocene foraminifera from the Southwest Pacific, supplement to: Loutit, Tom S (1981): Late Miocene paleoclimatology: Subantarctic water mass, Southwest Pacific. Marine Micropaleontology, 6(1), 1-27

Tom S Loutit
The Late Miocene-Early Pliocene paleoclimatic history has been evaluated for a deep drilled sediment sequence at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 281 and a shallow water marine sediment sequence at Blind River, New Zealand, both of which lay within the Subantarctic water mass during the Late Miocene.A major, faunally determined, cooling event within the latest Miocene at Site 281 and Blind River coincides with oxygen isotopic changes in benthonic foraminiferal composition at DSDP Site 284...
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