Maximum and mean diameter record of Orbulina universa from DSDP Hole 47-397 of Cape Bojador, eastern North Atlantic, supplement to: Colombo, Maria Rosa; Cita, Maria Bianca (1980): Changes in size and test porosity of Orbulina universa d´Orbigny in the Pleistocene record of Cape Bojador (DSDP Site 397, eastern North Atlantic). Marine Micropaleontology, 5, 13-29

Maria Rosa Colombo & Maria Bianca Cita
Measurements of the diameter of O. universa carried out on 30 specimens from 39 samples covering a sediment thickness of 78 m and going back in time to approximately 750 000 y resulted in the construction of a curve of the mean diameter and a curve of the maximum diameter. Both curves, as well as those calculated with the running-averages technique, display cyclic fluctuations with durations of the order of 100 000 y and downwards...
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