Eocene-Oligocene benthic foraminiferal distribution in the deep Bay of Biscay, supplement to: Miller, Kenneth G (1983): Eocene-Oligocene paleoceanography of the deep Bay of Biscay: benthic foraminiferal evidence. Marine Micropaleontology, 7(5), 403-440

Kenneth G Miller
A major change in benthic foraminiferal assemblages occurred in the deep Bay of Biscay (>3 km water; DSDP Sites 119, and Site 400A) between early middle Eocene and earliest Oligocene. Predominant Eocene deep-sea taxa (Nuttallides truempyi, Clinapertina spp., Abyssamina spp.) and associated rarer species became extinct in this interval. These extinctions were followed by an increase in abundance of bathymetrically wide-ranging and stratigraphically long-ranging taxa: Globocassidulina subglobosa, Oridorsalis spp., Gyroidinoides spp., and the Cibicidoides ungerianus...
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