Neogene radiolarian datum levels in the equatorial Indian and Pacific Oceans, supplement to: Johnson, David A; Nigrini, Catherine A (1985): Synchronous and time-transgressive Neogene radiolarian datum levels in the Equatorial Indian and Pacific Oceans. Marine Micropaleontology, 9(6), 489-523

David A Johnson & Catherine A Nigrini
Fifty radiolarian events of early Pleistocene and Neogene age were identified in an E-W transect of equatorial DSDP sites, extending from the Gulf of Panama to the western Pacific and eastern Indian Oceans. Our objective was to document the degree of synchroneity or time-transgressiveness of stratigraphically-useful datum levels from this geologic time interval. We restricted our study to low latitudes within which morphological variations of individual taxa are minimal, the total assemblage diversity remains high,...
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