Distribution of reworked planktic foraminifera in Neogene sediments of core CLINO from the Great Bahama Bank (Table 1), supplement to: Lidz, Barbara H; McNeill, Donald F (1995): Reworked Paleogene to early Neogene planktic foraminifera: implications of an intriguing distribution at a late Neogene prograding margin, Bahamas. Marine Micropaleontology, 25(4), 221-268

Barbara H Lidz & Donald F McNeill
A rich, uniquely distributed assemblage (>80 species) of reworked Paleogene to early Neogene (~66-15 Ma) planktic foraminifera is documented within >470 m of late Neogene (~5.7-1.6 Ma) borehole limestone from the Great Bahama Bank west margin. Tests vary in size from 0.13 to 1.0 mm and are unusually well preserved. Where obtainable from the rock, the relict species constitute an estimated 20% to 50% of all taxa. Paleocene faunas occur in upper Miocene host rocks,...
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