Late Cretaceous to Eocene calcareous nannofossil distribution near Gubbio, Italy, supplement to: Monechi, Simonetta; Thierstein, Hans R (1985): Late Cretaceous-Eocene nannofossil and magnetostratigraphic correlations near Gubbio, Italy. Marine Micropaleontology, 9(5), 419-440

Simonetta Monechi & Hans R Thierstein
Using a modified sample preparation technique, we have been able to establish a detailed lower Campanian to upper Eocene nannofossil stratigraphy in the Bottaccione and Contessa Highway sections near Gubbio. Appearance and extinction levels of virtually all the commonly used calcareous nannofossil zonal markers have been recognized and can now be closely correlated with the planktonic foraminifera zonation and the magnetic reversal stratigraphy previously established in these sections. Comparisons with the nannofossil calibrations of the...
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