Hydrate, ice and quartz content of eight holes of Leg 204, supplement to: Bohrmann, Gerhard; Kuhs, Werner F; Klapp, Stephan A; Techmer, Kirsten S; Klein, Helmut; Murshed, Mangir M; Abegg, Friedrich (2007): Appearance and preservation of natural gas hydrate from Hydrate Ridge sampled during ODP Leg 204 drilling. Marine Geology, 244(1-4), 1-14

Gerhard Bohrmann, Werner F Kuhs, Stephan A Klapp, Kirsten S Techmer, Helmut Klein, Mangir M Murshed & Friedrich Abegg
The state of preservation of natural gas hydrate samples, recovered from 6 sites drilled during ODP Leg 204 at southern summit of Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Margin, has been investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and cryo-scanning-electron-microscopy (cryo-SEM) techniques. A detailed characterization of the state of decomposition of gas hydrates is necessary since no pressurized autoclave tools were used for sampling and partial dissociation must have occurred during recovery prior to the quench and storage in liquid...
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