Origin and evolution of Cycladophora davisiana (Radiolaria) in DSDP Hole 19-192, Northwest Pacific, supplement to: Motoyama, Isao (1997): Origin and evolution of Cycladophora davisiana Ehrenberg (Radiolaria) in DSDP Site 192, Northwest Pacific. Marine Micropaleontology, 30(1-3), 45-63

Isao Motoyama
This paper documents the evolutionary history of Cycladophora davisiana Ehrenberg from an uppermost Miocene to Pleistocene sedimentary record in the high-latitude Northwest Pacific. It apparently evolved from C. sakaii Motoyama through a series of intermediates. C. sakaii has a relatively large shell with an external spongy layer. The evolutionary transition is characterized by a relatively rapid decrease in thorax size with a reduction of the spongy appendage. This change occurred during about 0.4 m.y. from...
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