Benthic foraminiferal number of specimens in Cretaceous samples of various DSDP and ODP Sites (Table 2), supplement to: Widmark, Joen G V (1995): Multiple deep-water sources and trophic regimes in the latest Cretaceous deep sea: evidence from benthic foraminifera. Marine Micropaleontology, 26(1-4), 361-384

Joen G V Widmark
Benthic foraminifera from 24 DSDP/ODP sites were investigated to assess their global horizontal and vertical distribution in the deep-sea environment at the end of the Cretaceous period. The samples analyzed are from the late Maastrichtian and within the planktic foraminiferal Abathomphus mayaroensis Zone from a wide range of oceans and paleolatitudes, including the low-latitude Sites 10 and 384 (Atlantic Ocean), 47, 171, 305, and 465 (Pacific Ocean), the mid-latitude Sites 20, 111, 356, 363, 516,...
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