Pollen record from Eifel maar, supplement to: Diehl, Markus; Sirocko, Frank (2006): A new Holsteinian pollen record from the dry maar at Döttingen (Eifel). In: Sirocko, F, Claussen, M, Litt, T & Sanchez-Goñi, M F(eds.): The climate of past interglacials; Developments in Quaternary Science, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 397-416

Markus Diehl & Frank Sirocko
A new interglacial pollen sequence from the Döttinger dry maar in the Eifel region of the Rheinish Schield is presented. Palynology is used to correlated to several classical north German Holsteinian sites. The lake sediments reveal the complete interglacial and also 60 m of laminated sediments from the glacial preceding the Holsteinian. The interglacial section indicates limnic conditions in its lower part and telmatic conditions in its upper part with an intermediate episode of peat...
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