Stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of late Eocene and Oligocene foraminifera from the Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Poore, Richard Z; Matthews, R K (1984): Oxygen isotope ranking of late Eocene and Oligocene planktonic foraminifers: implications for Oligocene sea-surface temperatures and global ice-volume. Marine Micropaleontology, 9(2), 111-134

Richard Z Poore & R K Matthews
Oxygen isotope analyses of late Eocene and Oligocene planktonic foraminifers from low and middle latitude sites in the Atlantic Basin show that different species from the same samples can yield significantly different isotopic values. The range of isotopic values observed between species is greatest at low-latitudes and declines poleward. Many planktonic foraminifers exhibit a systematic isotopic ranking with respect to each other and can therefore be grouped on the basis of their isotopic ranking. The...
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