Nannofossil events of Maastrichtian sediments from DSDP Hole 74-525A in the South Atlantic (Table 2), supplement to: Thibault, Nicolas; Gardin, Silvia (2007): The late Maastrichtian nannofossil record of climate change in the South Atlantic DSDP Hole 525A. Marine Micropaleontology, 65(3-4), 163-184

Nicolas Thibault & Silvia Gardin
The phytoplankton response (calcareous nannofossils) to the Late Maastrichtian climate evolution is investigated in the South Atlantic DSDP Hole 525A and compared to published geochemical and micropaleontological data. The results point to a succession of dramatic climatic fluctuations. “Cool-water indicators” (Ahmuellerella octoradiata, Kamptnerius magnificus and Nephrolithus frequens) suggest cool surface water conditions prevailed during Chron C30n. At the top of C30n, their sudden drop in abundance, the last occurrence of B. constans and the concomitant...
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