Occurrence of tethyan radiolarian species in early Cretaceous sediments of ODP Hole 123-765C in the Northeast Indian Ocean (Fig. 4), supplement to: Baumgartner, Peter O (1993): Early Cretaceous radiolarians of the Northeast Indian Ocean (Leg 123: Sites 765, 766 and DSDP Site 261 ): The Antarctic-Tethys connection. Marine Micropaleontology, 21(4), 329-352

Peter O Baumgartner
During ODP Leg 123, abundant and well-preserved Neocomian radiolarians were recovered at Site 765 (Argo Abyssal Plain) and Site 766 (lower Exmouth Plateau). Assemblages are characterized by the numerical dominance of a small number of non-tethyan forms and by the scarcity of tethyan taxa. Remarkable contrasts exist between radiolarian assemblages extracted from claystones of Site 765 and reexamined DSDP Site 261, and faunas recovered from radiolarian sand layers, only found at Site 765. Clay faunas...
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