Deep thermohaline Circulation in the low-latitude Atlantic during the Last Glacial, supplement to: Beveridge, N; Elderfield, Henry; Shackleton, Nicholas J (1995): Deep thermohaline circulation in the low-latitude Atlantic during the last glacial. Paleoceanography, 10(3), 643-660

N Beveridge, Henry Elderfield & Nicholas J Shackleton
Present-day low-latitude eastern and western Atlantic basins are geochemically distinct below the sill depth of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. While Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) circulates freely in the western Atlantic, flow into the eastern Atlantic is restricted below 4 km which results in filling the abyssal depths of this basin with water of geochemical similarity to nutrient depleted North Atlantic Deep Water. Using carbon isotopes and Cd/Ca ratios in benthic foraminifera we reconstruct the geochemistry of...
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