Stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of benthic and planktic foraminifera from the Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Shackleton, Nicholas J (1977): Carbon-13 in Uvigerina: Tropical rain forest history and the equatorial Pacific carbonate dissolution cycle. In: Andersen, N R & Malahoff, A (eds.), The Fate of Fossil Fuel in the Oceans. New York (Plenum), 401-427

Nicholas J Shackleton
Benthonic foraminifera in late Pleistocene deep-sea cores show significant variation in delta 13C with depth in sediment. This, and the report by Sommer et al., (in prep) of delta 13C variations in planktonic foraminifera, indicate that the delta13C in dissolved oceanic CO2 undergoes a significant change in a few thousand years. This is in apparent contradiction to the estimated 300 ka residence time for carbon in the ocean. It is suggested that this is a...
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