Stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of benthic foraminifera from the East Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Zahn, Rainer; Winn, Kyaw; Sarnthein, Michael (1986): Benthic foraminiferal d13C and accumulation rates of organic carbon: Uvigerina peregrina group and Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi. Paleoceanography, 1(1), 27-42

Rainer Zahn, Kyaw Winn & Michael Sarnthein
The glacial to interglacial delta13C records of the benthic foraminifera Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi and the Uvigerina peregrina group from deep-sea cores cannot be adjusted by a generally valid constant. The delta13C values of the U. peregrina group largely correlate with the accumulation rates of organic carbon, suggesting a local "habitat effect"; those of C. wuellerstorfi vary independently with respect to the carbon flux and record fluctuations in the delta13C of the ambient bottom water isotopic composition.
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