Benthic foraminiferal diversity and calculation of oxygen content for ODP Site 165-999 in the Caribbean (Table 3), supplement to: Jain, Sreepat; Collins, Laurel S; Hayek, Lee-Ann C (2007): Relationship of benthic foraminiferal diversity to paleoproductivity in the Neogene Caribbean. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 255(3-4), 223-245

Sreepat Jain, Laurel S Collins & Lee-Ann C Hayek
Diversity trends 8.3-2.5 Ma in Caribbean deep-sea foraminifera, as interpreted from the indices Fisher's alpha and the Information Index [H(S)] parallel paleoproductivity proxies (benthic foraminiferal infaunal/epifaunal species ratio, benthic foraminifer accumulation rates and flux of organic carbon to the seafloor). Paleoproductivity never reached an eutrophic threshold value above which we would predict opposite trends of high paleoproductivity and low diversity, consistent with stressful conditions. Instead, results are similar to those from other studies of oligotrophic...
11 citations reported since publication in 2007.
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