Sediments in arctic sea ice - entrainment, characterization and quantification, supplement to: Lindemann, Frank (1998): Sedimente im arktischen Meereis - Eintrag, Charakterisierung und Quantifizierung (Sediments in arctic sea ice - entrainment, characterization and quantification). Berichte zur Polarforschung = Reports on Polar Research, 283, 124 pp

Jörn Thiede & Frank Lindemann
Sediments in Arctic sea ice are important for erosion and redistribution and consequently a factor for the sediment budget of the Arctic Ocean. The processes leading to the incorporation of sediments into the ice are not understood in detail yet. In the present study, experiments on the incorporation of sediments were therefore conducted in ice tanks of The Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) in winter 1996/1997, These experiments showed that on average 75 % of...
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