Lagrangian back-tracing results for Kohnen station; output of time dependent numerical experiment with a 3D nested Antarctic ice sheet model, supplement to: Huybrechts, Philippe; Rybak, Oleg; Pattyn, Frank; Ruth, Urs; Steinhage, Daniel (2007): Ice thinning, upstream advection, and non-climatic biases for the upper 89% of the EDML ice core from a nested model of the Antarctic ice sheet. Climate of the Past, 3(4), 577-589

Philippe Huybrechts, Oleg Rybak, Frank Pattyn, Urs Ruth & Daniel Steinhage
A nested ice flow model was developed for eastern Dronning Maud Land to assist with the dating and interpretation of the EDML deep ice core. The model consists of a high-resolution higher-order ice dynamic flow model that was nested into a comprehensive 3-D thermomechanical model of the whole Antarctic ice sheet. As the drill site is on a flank position the calculations specifically take into account the effects of horizontal advection as deeper ice in...
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