Radiolarian assemblages of the late Neogene North Pacific, supplement to: Kamikuri, Shin-Ichi; Nishi, Hiroshi; Motoyama, Isao (2007): Effects of late Neogene climatic cooling on North Pacific radiolarian assemblages and oceanographic conditions. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 249(3-4), 370-392

Shin-Ichi Kamikuri, Hiroshi Nishi & Isao Motoyama
Radiolarian census and abundance data were collected from three deep-sea cores drilled by the Ocean Drilling Program Sites 884, 887 and 1151 to investigate patterns of ecologic changes in space and time during the last 16 million years for the mid-latitude to subarctic North Pacific. High concentrations of radiolarians occurred between 9.0 and 2.7 Ma. Radiolarian species richness was highest in the early middle Miocene at each site and gradually decreased up to about 7...
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