Distribution of palynomorphs in Miocene sediments of ODP Site 188-1165 in the Prydz Bay, East Antarctica (Table 1), supplement to: Hannah, Mike J (2006): The palynology of ODP site 1165, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica: A record of Miocene glacial advance and retreat. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 231(1-2), 120-133

Mike J Hannah
ODP Site 1165 recovered around 1000 m of Early to Late Miocene mixed hemi-pelagic sediments from the Wild Drift, offshore Prydz Bay. Samples from between the bottom of the hole and 110 m below sea floor yielded distinctive palynomorph assemblages, ranging in age from 22.2 Ma at the base to 8 Ma at 110 mbsf. Many assemblages contain large numbers of reworked terrestrial pollen and spores varying in age from Devonian to Early Eocene. In...
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