Relative abundances of benthic foraminifera at the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in DSDP Hole 62-465A, Southern Hess Rise in the central North Pacific (Appendix A), supplement to: Alegret, Laia; Thomas, Ellen (2005): Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary bathyal paleo-environments in the central North Pacific (DSDP Site 465), the Northwestern Atlantic (ODP Site 1049), the Gulf of Mexico and the Tethys: The benthic foraminiferal record. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 224(1-3), 53-82

Laia Alegret & Ellen Thomas
Uppermost Maastrichtian benthic foraminiferal assemblages (>63 µm) are diverse, indicating mesotrophic conditions in lower bathyal DSDP Hole 465A (Hess Rise, central North Pacific), in 4 lower bathyal land sections in central-East and Northeastern Mexico, and in the upper to middle bathyal Agost section (Tethys area, Southeastern Spain). They indicate more eutrophic conditions in lower bathyal ODP Hole 1049C (Blake Nose, Northwestern Atlantic). Benthic foraminifers did not suffer significant extinction at the K/Pg boundary, but diversity...
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