Major and trace element concentrations in sediments of ODP Hole 184-1144A in the South China Sea (Appendix A), supplement to: Wei, Gangjian; Liu, Ying; Li, Xian-hua; Shao, Lei; Fang, Dianyong (2004): Major and trace element variations of the sediments at ODP Site 1144, South China Sea, during the last 230 ka and their paleoclimate implications. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 212(3-4), 331-342

Gangjian Wei, Ying Liu, Xian-hua Li, Lei Shao & Dianyong Fang
We present here the major and trace element data of the sediments at ODP Site 1144 of the last 230 ka with time resolution about 1.5 kyr to investigate their relations to the climate changes. Estimated from TiO2 and CaO contents, over 70% in weight of the sediments are terrestrial materials, and CaCO3 abundance ranges between 7% and 19%. The variation patterns of some of the major elements, such as Al, Fe, K, Mg and...
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