Clay mineralogy of sediment cores from the Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Vogt, Christoph; Knies, Jochen (2008): Sediment dynamics in the Eurasian Arctic Ocean during the last deglaciation - The clay mineral group smectite perspective. Marine Geology, 250(3-4), 211-222

Christoph Vogt & Jochen Knies
This study focuses on sedimentological investigations of sediment cores recovered during the international Arctic'91, expeditions with the German research ice breaker RV “Polarstern” to the European sector of the Arctic Ocean. Here, we deduce the last glacial/interglacial changes in transport mechanism and sedimentation from the clay mineral group smectite. We choose the smectites as an example of how sediment mineralogy can be linked with particular source regions (the Kara and Laptev seas), distinct transport mechanism...
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