(Table 1) The oxygen isotope composition of Site DSDP 480 diatoms, supplement to: Wang, Chung-Ho; Yeh, Hsueh-Wen (1985): Oxygen isotopic compositions of DSDP Site 480 diatoms: Implications and applications. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 49(6), 1469-1478

Chung-Ho Wang & Hsueh-Wen Yeh
The oxygen isotope composition of marine diatoms from hydraulic piston-cored samples of DSDP Site 480 vary widely, reflecting the great temperature variations and large isotopic changes of surface water in the Gulf of California. Nevertheless, the results can be correlated with standard oxygen isotope records for the late Quaternary based on carbonates (such as the record of core V19-29). The diatom-based results also parallel oxygen isotope data on benthic foraminifera from Site 480, thus confirming...
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