Major and trace element abundances of igneous rocks from DSDP Site 37-334, supplement to: Dostal, J; Muecke, G K (1978): Trace element geochemistry of the peridotite-gabbro-basalt suite from DSDP Leg 37. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 40(3), 415-422

J Dostal & G K Muecke
REE abundances in gabbros and peridotites from Site 334 of DSDP Leg 37 show that these rocks are cumulates produced by fractional crystallization of a primitive oceanic tholeiite magma. They may be part of a layered oceanic complex. The REE distributions in the residual liquids left after such a fractionation are similar to those of incompatible element-depleted oceanic tholeiites. The REE data indicate that the basalts which overlie the gabbro-peridotite complex, are not genetically related...
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