Grain size distribution, carbon content and wet bulk density of sediment cores in the equatorial Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea, supplement to: Kassens, Heidemarie; Sarnthein, Michael (1989): A link between paleoceanography, early diagenetic cementation, and shear strength maxima in Late Quaternary deep-sea sediments? Paleoceanography, 4(3), 253-269

Heidemarie Kassens & Michael Sarnthein
Near-surface sediments from the equatorial east Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea exhibit pronounced shear strength maxima in profiles from the peak Holocene and Pleistocene. These semi-indurated layers start to occur at 8-102 cm below the sediment surface and can be explained neither by the modal composition nor by the effective overburden pressure of the sediments. However, scanning electron microscope and microprobe data exhibit micritic crusts and crystal carpets, which are clearly restricted to (undisturbed) samples...
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