Concentrations of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus on vertical profiles in waters of the tropical North Atlantic in March 2002, supplement to: Dietze, Heiner; Oschlies, Andreas; Kähler, Paul (2004): Internal-wave-induced and double-diffusive nutrient fluxes to the nutrient-consuming surface layer in the oligotrophic subtropical North Atlantic. Ocean Dynamics, 54(1), 1-7

Heiner Dietze, Andreas Oschlies & Paul Kähler
In the literature, an inconsistency exists between estimates of biotically-effected carbon export inferred from large-scale geochemical studies (Jenkins 1982; 47 gC m–2 a–1) and local measurements of turbulent nutrient supply (Lewis et al. 1986; 4 gC m–2 a–1) in the eastern subtropical North Atlantic. Nutrient supply to the upper ocean by turbulent mixing is reexamined using local standard oceanographic measurements and high-resolution vertical profiles of nutrients averaged over a large region directly comparable to that...
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