(Table 1) Chemical and lithological composition of rocks from DSDP Hole 465A, supplement to: Hein, James R; Koski, Randolph A; Morgenson, Lisa A (1982): Uranium and thorium enrichment in rocks from the base of DSDP Hole 465A, Hess Rise, Central North Pacific. Chemical Geology, 36(3-4), 237-251

James R Hein, Randolph A Koski & Lisa A Morgenson
Uranium and thorium are concentrated in Cretaceous limestone, chert, ash, basalt, and other rock types at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 465 located on the southern Hess Rise in the central North Pacific. U concentrations, up to 194 ppm on a carbonate-free basis, are among the highest recorded for any deep-sea deposits. U was initially derived from seawater and concentrated by absorption on terrigenous (humic) organic matter in limestone in a shallow marine environment. U...
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