(Table 2) Location, age of accompanied sediments, chemical and Sr isotopic compositions of manganese nodules in DSDP/ODP cores, supplement to: Ito, Takashi; Usui, Akira; Kajiwara, Yoshimichi; Nakano, Takanori (1998): Strontium isotopic compositions and paleoceanographic implication of fossil manganese nodules in DSDP/ODP cores, Leg 1-126. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 62(9), 1545-1554

Takashi Ito, Akira Usui, Yoshimichi Kajiwara & Takanori Nakano
Strontium isotopic compositions of acetic acid (HOAc) leachate fractions of eight manganese oxide deposits from the modern seafloor, and of twenty-one buried manganese nodules from Cretaceous to Recent sediments in DSDP/ODP cores were measured. ratios of HOAc leachates in all modern seafloor manganese oxides of various origins are identical with present seawater. The ratios of the HOAc leachates of buried nodules from DSDP/ODP cores are significantly lower than those of nodules from the modern seafloor...
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