(Table 1) Concentrations of CaCO3 and organic carbon, organic matter atomic C/N ratios and delta13C values of sediment samples from Site DSDP 594, supplement to: Kowalski, Elizabeth A; Meyers, Philip A (1997): Glacial-interglacial variations in Quaternary production of marine organic matter at DSDP Site 594, Chatham Rise, southeastern New Zealand margin. Marine Geology, 140(3-4), 249-263

Elizabeth A Kowalski & Philip A Meyers
CaCO3 and total organic carbon concentrations, organic matter C/N and carbon isotope ratios, and sediment accumulation rates in late Quaternary sediments from DSDP Site 594 provide information about glacial–interglacial variations in the delivery of organic matter to the Chatham Rise offshore of southeastern New Zealand. Low C/N ratios and nearly constant organic delta13C values of ?23‰ indicate that marine production dominates organic matter supply in both glacial and interglacial times during oxygen isotope stages 1...
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