Stable isotope record during the past 1 Myr of ODP Site 162-980 in the subpolar North Atlantic, supplement to: Flower, Benjamin P; Oppo, Delia W; McManus, Jerry F; Venz, Kathryn A; Hodell, David A; Cullen, James L (2000): North Atlantic intermediate to deep water circulation and chemical stratification during the past 1 Myr. Paleoceanography, 15(4), 388-403

Benjamin P Flower, Delia W Oppo, Jerry F McManus, Kathryn A Venz, David A Hodell & James L Cullen
Benthic foraminiferal carbon isotope records from a suite of drill sites in the North Atlantic are used to trace variations in the relative strengths of Lower North Atlantic Deep Water (LNADW), Upper North Atlantic Deep Water (UNADW), and Southern Ocean Water (SOW) over the past 1 Myr. During glacial intervals, significant increases in intermediate-to-deep delta13C gradients (commonly reaching >1.2 per mil ) are consistent with changes in deep water circulation and associated chemical stratification. Bathymetric...
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