Age model and Plio-Pleistocene benthic stable oxygen isotope ratios of ODP Site 184-1143 in the Sourh China Sea, supplement to: Tian, Jun; Wang, Pinxian; Cheng, Xinrong; Li, Qianyu (2002): Astronomically tuned Plio- Pleistocene benthic d18O record from South-China Sea and Atlantic-Pacific comparison. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 203(3-4), 1015-1029

Jun Tian, Pinxian Wang, Xinrong Cheng & Qianyu Li
Based on benthic foraminiferal delta18O from ODP Site 1143, a 5-Myr astronomical timescale for the West Pacific Plio-Pleistocene was established using an automatic orbital tuning method. The tuned Brunhes/Matuyama paleomagnetic polarity reversal age agrees well with the previously published age of 0.78 Ma. The tuned ages for several planktonic foraminifer bio-events also agree well with published dates, and new ages for some other bio-events in the South China Sea were also estimated. The benthic delta18O...
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