(Table 1) Rare earth element contents in basalts and glasses of DSDP Legs 45 and 51, supplement to: Bonnot-Courtois, Chantal (1980): Behaviour of rare-earth elements during submarine weathering and its implications. Chemical Geology, 30, 119-131

Chantal Bonnot-Courtois
Rare-earth element (REE) distributions in altered basalts and glasses collected during some Legs of the Deep Sea Drilling Project show that a fractionation of these elements occurs during submarine weathering. When the alteration is well-marked, the REE distribution in altered glasses shows an enrichment in light rare-earths relative to the fresh glass. In particular, Ce is selectively enriched in palagonitized glasses that comprise, besides polymetallic nodules, another phase liable to explain the Ce depletion in...
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