(Table 1) Age, thickness of sedimentary cover, depth into volcanic basement, calcite content, and carbon and oxygen isotope data of glassy and crystalline samples from the Atlantic Ocean and the Lau Basin, supplement to: Furnes, Harald; Muehlenbachs, Karlis; Torsvik, Terje; Thorseth, Ingunn H; Tumyr, Ole (2001): Microbial fractionation of carbon isotopes in altered basaltic glass from the Atlantic Ocean, Lau Basin and Costa Rica Rift. Chemical Geology, 173(4), 313-330

Harald Furnes, Karlis Muehlenbachs, Terje Torsvik, Ingunn H Thorseth & Ole Tumyr
Textural and DNA studies of pillow lavas in DSDP/ODP cores from the Atlantic Ocean, the Lau Basin and the Costa Rica Rift indicate that microbes had a significant role in the alteration of basaltic glasses. Carbon isotopes (d13C) in carbonates from glassy and crystalline basalts from these locations also show differences that may relate to microbial activity during alteration. The generally low d13C values (< -7 per mil) in the basaltic glass of a high...
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