Stable isotope record, calcium carbonate conentrations, and sea surface temperture reconstructions of sediment cores from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Ruddiman, William F; Raymo, Maureen E; Martinson, Douglas G; Clement, Bradford M; Backman, Jan (1989): Pleistocene evolution: northern hemisphere ice sheets and North Atlantic Ocean. Paleoceanography, 4(4), 353-412

William F Ruddiman, Maureen E Raymo, Douglas G Martinson, Bradford M Clement & Jan Backman
We analyze five high-resolution time series spanning the last 1.65 m.y.: benthic foraminiferal delta18O and delta13O, percent CaCO3, and estimated sea surface temperature (SST) at North Atlantic Deep Sea Drilling Project site 607 and percent CaCO3 at site 609. Each record is a multicore composite verified for continuity by splicing among multiple holes. These climatic indices portray changes in northern hemisphere ice sheet size and in North Atlantic surface and deep circulation. By tuning obliquity...
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