Continuous VM-ADCP (vessel-mounted acoustic Doppler current profiler) profiles of horizontal velocities and raw acoustic gain control data during Polarstern cruise ANT-XVIII/2, supplement to: Cisewski, Boris; Strass, Volker H; Prandke, Hartmut (2005): Upper-ocean vertical mixing in the Antarctic Polar Front Zone. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 52(9-10), 1087-1108

Boris Cisewski, Volker H Strass & Hartmut Prandke
The mixing regime of the upper 180 m of a mesoscale eddy in the vicinity of the Antarctic Polar Front at 47° S and 21° E was investigated during the R.V. Polarstern cruise ANT-XVIII/2 within the scope of the iron fertilization experiment EisenEx. On the basis of hydrographic CTD and ADCP profiles we deduced the vertical diffusivity Kz from two different parameterizations. Since these parameterizations bear the character of empirical functions, based on theoretical and...
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