Dissolved iron measured along surface transects of the CARUSO-EISENEX experiment, supplement to: Croot, Peter L; Laan, Patrick; Nishioka, Jun; Strass, Volker H; Cisewski, Boris; Boyé, Marie; Timmermans, Klaas R; Bellerby, Richard G J; Goldson, Laura; Nightingale, Philip D; de Baar, Hein J W (2005): Spatial and temporal distribution of Fe(II) and H2O2 during EisenEx, an open ocean mescoscale iron enrichment. Marine Chemistry, 95(1-2), 65-88

Peter L Croot, Patrick Laan, Jun Nishioka, Volker H Strass, Boris Cisewski, Marie Boyé, Klaas R Timmermans, Richard G J Bellerby, Laura Goldson, Philip D Nightingale & Hein J W de Baar
Measurements of Fe(II) and H2O2 were carried out in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during EisenEx, an iron enrichment experiment. Iron was added on three separate occasions, approximately every 8 days, as a ferrous sulfate (FeSO4) solution. Vertical profiles of Fe(II) showed maxima consistent with the plume of the iron infusion. While H2O2 profiles revealed a corresponding minima showing the effect of oxidation of Fe(II) by H2O2, observations showed detectable Fe(II) concentrations existed...
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