Stable isotope record and calcium carbonate concentrations of Late Pliocene sediments of the North Atlantic, supplement to: Raymo, Maureen E; Ruddiman, William F; Backman, Jan; Clement, Bradford M; Martinson, Douglas G (1989): Late Pliocene variation in northern hemisphere ice sheets and North Atlantic deep water circulation. Paleoceanography, 4(4), 413-446

Maureen E Raymo, William F Ruddiman, Jan Backman, Bradford M Clement & Douglas G Martinson
High-resolution records of delta18O, delta13O, and percent CaCO3 from the late Pliocene North Atlantic (Deep Sea Drilling Project sites 607 and 609) are presented and oxygen isotope stages are formalized back to stage 116 at 2.73 Ma. From 2.8 to 1.6 Ma, the interval studied, variations in these records were dominated by the 41-kyr component of orbital obliquity. Significant variation at the orbital frequencies of eccentricity (96-kyr) and precession (23-kyr) are observed in the delta18O...
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