Quaternary radiolarian counts from Site 181-1123, supplement to: Lüer, Vanessa (2003): Quarternary Radiolarians from offshore eastern New Zealand, Southwestern Pacific (ODP Leg 181, Site 1123): importance for correlation and identification of climatic changes [Rekonstruktion von quartären Klimaänderungen anhand von Radiolarien fur den südwestpaziflschen Sektor im randlichen Schelfbereich des ostneuseeländischen Kontinentes (ODP Leg 181, Site 1123)]. Diploma Thesis, Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen, Germany, 105 pp

Vanessa Lüer
In the present work Quaternary radiolarian assemblages from the Southwest Pacific were investigated due to their importance for correlation and identification of climatic changes. The studied Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 1123 (Leg 181) is situated on the northern flanks of the Chatham Rise, 1100 kilometres offshore eastern New Zealand and in a water depth o f 3290 metres. It is situated just north of the Subtropical Convergence (STC) in temperate climatic conditions, influenced by...
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