Stable isotope record of benthic foraminifera in late Pleistocene sediments, supplement to: Oppo, Delia W; Fairbanks, Richard G; Gordon, Arnold L; Shackleton, Nicholas J (1990): Late Pleistocene Southern Ocean d13C variability. Paleoceanography, 5(1), 43-54

Delia W Oppo, Richard G Fairbanks, Arnold L Gordon & Nicholas J Shackleton
Variations in the contribution of North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW), relative to North Pacific Deep Water (NPDW), to the Southern Ocean, are assessed by comparing delta13C records from the mid-depth North Atlantic, deep Southern Ocean, and deep equatorial Pacific Ocean. In general, the relative contribution of NADW was greater during interglaciations than glaciations of the past 550,000 years. An increase in the NADW flux to the Southern Ocean since the last glaciation was proposed to...
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