Geochemistry of sediments in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Murray, Richard W; Knowlton, Christopher; Leinen, Margaret W; Mix, Alan C; Polsky, CH (2000): Export production and carbonate dissolution in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean over the past 1 Myr. Paleoceanography, 15(6), 570-592

Richard W Murray, Christopher Knowlton, Margaret W Leinen, Alan C Mix & CH Polsky
In order to quantify changes in export production and carbonate dissolution over the past 1 Myr in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean we analyzed Ba, P, Al Ti, and Ca in 1106 samples from five piston cores gathered from 5°S to 4°N at 140°W. We focused on Ba/Ti, Al/Ti, and P/Ti ratios as export proxies and employed areally integrated time slice as well as time series strategies. Carbonate maxima from 0-560 kyr are characterized by...
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