Late Pleistocene sediment and oxygen isotope record of the Northwest Pacific, supplement to: Hovan, Steven A; Rea, David K; Pisias, Nicklas G (1991): Late Pleistocene continental climate and oceanic variability recorded in northwest Pacific sediments. Paleoceanography, 6(3), 349-370

Steven A Hovan, David K Rea & Nicklas G Pisias
Core V21-146 provides a continuous record of northwest Pacific pelagic sedimentation spanning the past 530,000 years. Downcore variations of delta18O from benthic foraminiferal calcite were correlated to the SPECMAP record to provide an age model for late Pleistocene paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic variation. Fluxes of CaCO3 and eolian material have been determined by combining information about linear sedimentation rates, bulk densities and component percentages. The mass accumulation rate (MAR) of CaCO3 varies from 58 to 1435...
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