Holocene sea-surface reconstructions for the Californian margin, supplement to: Herbert, Timothy D; Schuffert, Jeffrey D; Andreasen, Dyke; Heusser, Linda E; Lyle, Mitchell W; Mix, Alan C; Ravelo, Ana Christina; Stott, Lowell D; Herguera, Juan-Carlos (2001): Collapse of the California current during glacial maxima linked to climate change on land. Science, 293(5527), 71-76

Timothy D Herbert, Jeffrey D Schuffert, Dyke Andreasen, Linda E Heusser, Mitchell W Lyle, Alan C Mix, Ana Christina Ravelo, Lowell D Stott & Juan-Carlos Herguera
Time series of alkenone unsaturation indices gathered along the California margin reveal large (4° to 8°C) glacial-interglacial changes in sea surface temperature (SST) over the past 550,000 years. Interglacial times with SSTs equal to or exceeding that of the Holocene contain peak abundances in the pollen of redwood, the distinctive component of the temperate rainforest of the northwest coast of California. In the region now dominated by the California Current, SSTs warmed 10,000 to 15,000...
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